Content Guidelines

Here are some guidlines to help you plan the content for your products. We have explained what kind of content is typically included in each type of product in case you aren't sure or are just looking for a bit of guidance.

Order of service guidelines

Front Page

Usually with a photograph of the person who has passed – though not always necessary, along with date of birth and death. Also included on the cover is any information on the location, date and time of the service.

Inner Pages

Covers the main funeral service, listing the event order. Include hymns, readings, prayers and other relevant information.

Back Page

A continuation of the service and often people put information on the back to cover the venue details for any gatherings of friends and family after the funeral service itself.

Announcement card guidelines

Once you have arranged the funeral you will need to let friends and relatives know of your bereavement as soon as possible and give them all the details they need for attending the funeral service with a funeral announcement card.

These take the form of simple, yet stylish postcards, they are printed A6 in size, colour or black and white depending on the image you wish to include - if indeed you wish to include an image at all - often to follow the design of the order of service. Usual details to include are dates and times of the Funeral service.

We print them on a good quality white board for an excellent finish.

You can provide your own design or simply email your details over to our design team who will do the rest and provide you with a proof to check and pass prior to our printing, we do realise that time is often tight and we try to take as much burden off you as regarding print in this difficult time.

Announcement Card Content Guidelines